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Music is an important part of our worship. When we read the Holy Bible we find that there are many musical instruments which are used by people of God. Learning the music for the Glory of God is a wonderful activity and almost every Christian must try to learn it. We not only learn it but we must also try to share the talent we have with others for the Glory of God. By sharing the knowledge the knowledge of teacher is also improved. Evangelist Pervaiz Masih who is a team member of   also has talent of playing Tabla. He learnt this skill from one of famous Tabla player of Pakistan (Late) Ustaad Muhammad Hussain Alvi.  Evangelist Pervaiz Masih is willingly recording lesson of Tabla for those who want to learn Tabla to use in Worship.

Visit the to start learning. Do not forget to Subscribe the Youtube Channel to remain updated with new releases. You must share this wonderful resource with others. We are serving the community with the talent we have. Keep remember Evangelist Pervaiz Masih in your prayers. 

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